Remington “Smooth & Silky” Rechargeable Shaver with Aloe Vera: Smooth Operator


This may just be the best shaver ever invented for women. So great that my hubby, for the first time, may be sneaking off with one of my beauty products! How many times have I put on a skirt and realized I forgot to shave? I’d grab a shaver, dab on some lotion and dry shave – and knee nicks and ankle cuts ensued! Well, no more. I tried Remington’s Smooth & Silky Rechargeable Shaver completely dry and it removed every tiny stubble on my legs – no nicks, no cuts (though I have to say it felt a bit strange on the arm pits). This rounded, smooth glide shaver, just like the one men use for their face, alleviates irritated hair follicles, and the moisture strip with Aloe Vera nourishes and revitalizes your skin. It even comes with a bikini trimmer headguard and a cleaning brush. Next time I forget to shave, no worries! My latest obsession? This shaver! At Remington for $49.99.

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