Resort 2007

What started as a few easy pieces to pack in your 40cm birkin when jetting to Capri for the weekend has now become a major event in fashion. It seems almost everyone is doing extensive resort collections nowadays, maybe because it stays in stores longer than any other season (November-May) so they don’t have to put it on sale as quickly. I’ve always been a fan of resort, that’s when designers let their hair down and take themselves less seriously. As expected, fun and flirty dresses ruled the runways as did breezy fitting skirts and pantsuits. Here are some of our favorite resort looks:


chanel resort.jpgchanel resort black dress.jpg

The black and white theme from Fall’s Paris-New York collection continued with Resort. I love all the floaty dresses and cute little jackets but what’s with the gladiator sandals? DO NOT buy in to this trend, even if you are 6′ tall, it’s just stupid not to mention the ugly checkered tan lines you’ll get. Instead, get your name on the list for a pair of the sexy wedges with Chanel’s signature quilting motif, FABULOUS!


cute gucci.jpgcuter gucci.jpggucci blue dress.jpggucci cute.jpg

We are so glad Frida Giannini got away from the trashy gold lame and spandex look she showed for Fall. Instead of trying to emulate Tom Ford, she is evidently developing her own style and defining a new era at Gucci. We love these casually chic outfits for hanging out in the French Riviera, they will take you from beachside to tableside with style.


oscar's diva.jpgoscar dress.jpgoscar black.jpgoscar.jpg

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. There is nothing wrong with looking classic and beautiful! Oscar is one of our favorite designers because he not only knows how to create beautiful clothes, he worries about our skin too, we love these big straw hats and plan on getting one for our next trip to St. Tropez. Our biggest dream however, is that he’d come over personally and dress us. We need a few custom Oscar dresses to go with all the bags in our closet!

And lastly, (you didn’t think we’d finish without a bitch session did you?) our least favorite of the week:


dior.jpgdior bikini.jpgugly dior.jpgugly dior 2.jpg

We’re not big fans of Dior lately and this collection is no exception. We’re not sure which resorts Mr. Galliano frequents but we imagine there are lots of bubbles and strobe lights. Tacky lopsided clothes made of lurex and metallic spandex was the theme for his resort collection. Once again, his collection for Dior caters to Pamela Anderson and the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Stay tuned for Spring 2007 previews!

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  1. Kelly McCall/Ray Souders
    June 20, 2006 / 8:43 am

    I loved the Oscar De La Renta Resort Collection! He always dresses his women with beauty and elegance. I liked the use of the white fishnet stockings with his daytime dresses and his evening clothes. The colors are lovely and the shoes are great going into the following spring season. I am so excited to start styling with this collection! When is gets cold and dark with winter, it’s always a joy to celebrate the coming spring with these wonderful clothes!

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