Restorsea Reader Reviews: Earning the Snob Seal of Approval

Restorsea Reader Reviews

Skincare brand Restorsea’s founder Patti Pao is certain of one thing – you will love her products. She is so sure of this that she offers refunds for unsatisfied customers. I have yet to hear a negative review yet, though! To drive this point home, we had three women from all different walks of life try the products. One is a jet-setting mom with two small children, always taking her beauty must-haves on the move; another is a doctor, who’s left with little time at the end of her days for extra primping; and the last, a coach’s wife who has not one, not two or three, but four tots to take care of. See what our beauty snob volunteers had to say about Restorsea, and if you find yourself as intrigued as I sense you will, enter to win a year’s supply of the products (and a pair of diamond earrings for a total value of $13,490!) here

The Doctor
Let’s start with the packaging. I love the simple and streamlined packaging, and the small “spoons” for the creams. Who wants to stick your finger into the jar? The little spoon keeps everything much more hygienic and luxurious. Now on to the product. I love all the products, especially the Restoring Night Cream. The smell is very mild and fresh. Each product went on smoothly and got absorbed quickly. My skin felt fresh and supple. It definitely feels smoother and more radiant. Love!

The Jet Setter
I love the texture of the creams – not greasy at all, and my little girl loves the way they smell when we read books at night. I would definitely take Restorsea when I travel.

The Coach’s Wife
As those who have lived in the oilfields of far West Texas can attest, the air is dry and the winds are fierce. So much so that the frequent dust storms that force cars to pull over because of low visibility cause extreme hardships on the most cared for skin. A jumpstart to my daily cleanser (extremely important to rid my face of all the blowing dirt), daytime protectant, nighttime moisturizer and eye cream was greatly needed since my move last year out into the oilfields of the Midland-Odessa area. Also, recent changes in careers necessitated a more economical skincare regimen that would still provide the Snob-worthiness to which I have grown accustomed (can you say budget?). Enter my foray into Restorsea – a new skincare line that has received positive reviews (I am a nut pouring over blogs, skincare message boards, etc. before charging into something new). I needed products that would fit my life as the wife of a coach and mother to four children who require my presence in the stands several days a week.

All those years of football and baseball games and track and cross country meets had aged my 50ish skin. I recently noticed that my once glowing complexion has begun to take a beating after moving to a new, arid climate. I’ve started to embrace the small crinkles around my eyes but am not fond of the small lines creeping around my lips. After testing Restorsea for six weeks, the appearance of lines has diminished. Even my mother, who I hadn’t seen in more than a month remarked that my skin looked much better (she didn’t know I had changed skincare brands!). When I received the verbal confirmation of what I already suspected, I pulled my lit vanity mirror closer and saw that she was right: it was more supple, possessed a healthy glow and even seemed dewier. I have used more than a dozen luxury brands in my lifetime, but I finally have found my home. The Restorsea brand has everything I need: lovely scent, a friendly price-point, and the ability to improve my appearance.

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