Rid me of the Dog Days of Summer!!!

loccitaneoil.jpgAt the end of each summer, I am left with the marks of the hottest days of summer, tiny little freckles across my face!  It’s a bizarre phenomenon, those freckles of mine.  They appear to be heat activated (because we all know I wear giant hats, SPF 45 AND sit under umbrellas when at pools or beaches).  I rarely allow sun rays to touch my face, so the fact that my face becomes pigmented at the end of the summer proves that they are indeed heat activated!  So, each year, I come up with a new solution to rid myself of these tiny freckles that my hubby deems “cute”.  What does he know?  He thought my fabulous Rick Owens dress was a toga!  But that’s another story altogether.  Back to me and my freckles– I’ve been using Phyto+ from Skinceuticals (after being told the Hydroquinoe  I used from Dr. Obagi was too harsh and might possibly cause cancer– UH WHAT?).  Anyway, ever since that bombshell, I’ve been using only botanical and natural solutions to the Asian girl’s biggest skin woe. 

Two weeks ago, I started on a new product, L’Occitane’s Very Precious Brightening concentrate.  I use it at night, before my 12 step routine and though my spots are still there, they are visibly lighter.  The concentrate is made of 100% organic plant dry oils that disappear into the skin quickly and leaves no oily residue.  Each bottle contains the equivalent of 3,000 flowers combined with a vitamin C derivative.  Only time will tell the true effect of the oil but for now, I am enjoying the nightly facial massage I give myself with it.  At L’Occitane stores was $82 but on sale now for $58!!!  

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  1. christy
    October 2, 2008 / 12:28 am

    i got this after you posted about it and my skin feels sooo soft and supple so far. i haven’t used it long enough to see the brightening effect but i love how my skin feels!!!

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