Royal Asscher: Fit for a Queen

At a luncheon last week, I met the lovely Lita Asscher, granddaughter of Joseph, and part of the sixth generation of the esteemed Asscher family. She shared the fascinating heritage of the renowned brand with us during lunch. I never knew my favorite cut, the Asscher stone, comes from such a long and rich history. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is credited with cutting some of the most famous diamonds in the world. The original Asscher stone had 58 facets and is now such a widely and loosely used term that the family came out with the Royal Asscher, boasting 74 facets. (Nowadays, any square cut is called “Asscher” when, in fact, it is not!) The Royal Asscher is so named not only for its updated cut but also because Her Majesty Queen Juliana of Holland ordained the company as royalty.

Presently, the Asscher brand has aligned itself with Russell Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment Fund. This non-profit international organization raises money to support education initiatives for economically disadvantaged people in African countries where diamonds are a natural resource). With the Royal Asscher Stars of Africa collection, these eighteen rings are worthy of a royal name. A dome of quartz crystal, filled with silicone, encases diamonds that gently float. The ring is available in yellow, rose, white gold and/or silver. Prices start at $950, so it’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, for you and for the charity!

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