S.W. Basics Body Oil

Body Oil

Oils are on the rise! Long shunned out of fear, people are finally starting to realize that oils are amazing even if you have combination or oily skin. In fact a swipe of oil across my face is exactly what I need when my skin tends towards the oily side during the summer time. The reason they’re so effective is that when you apply a nourishing oil your skin thinks it already has enough oil, so sebum production is toned down and, at the same time, a good oil will work to lock in moisture making it just as effective of a skincare option for those with dry skin. If you’re a little weary – which I totally get given how so many of us associate oil with breakouts – why not give a body oil a go first?

Sprout Skincare, a brand I wrote about a few months ago, recently changed their name to S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. to reflect that they are now “a full-fledged skincare company dedicated to producing super-simple, pared-down blends of the absolutely essential ingredients needed for effective, truly all-natural skincare.” Their newest products is called S.W. Basics Body Oil ($12) and it’s a fantastic oil made with grapeseed, avocado, and sesame, plus a little bit of clove essential oil, all of which work to lock in moisture (it’s also available in an unscented version without clove oil). The great thing about this product is that it’s lightweight and effective but it has nothing in its formulation aside from the ingredients listed above and all are organic and fair trade so you can rest easy that your skin is absorbing only the most natural ingredients!

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