Saint Laurent Rider Washed Leather Bucket Bag: Kick the Bucket

Saint Laurent Rider Washed Leather Bucket Bag

Alright, Hedi, your point’s been made. You’ve proven you can take something off the reject rack at Wet Seal, circa 1994, re-design it with your too-cool-to-care aesthetic, and bring it to the top of every fashion editor’s wish list…Or can you?

There’s just one too many buckles (and zippers, too) for me on this busy little bucket. As a general rule, bucket bags are best left clean and uncluttered. Especially when all the embellishments serve no real purpose, except for functioning as serious eyesores.

Consider the Rider bag Exhibit A as to why. Motorcycle jacket-inspired elements look good when they feel natural, not forced. Multiple zippers and stacked buckles ought to serve a purpose; if you’re just wearing them to look tough, then you might as well just be dancing around like bad-gal Sandy in the closing number of Grease. Cut the act, goody-two-shoes! But I digress. It doesn’t even matter if it’s in classic biker black or sassy red, too much of a not-a-very-good thing is just too much. If Saint Laurent is trying to show they can buck the system, this just goes to show the system shouldn’t always be bucked. My advice is to keep your Saint Laurent bags sleek and simple, and stay strong against getting hardware-happy this time around. Saint Laurent Rider on Luisa via Roma for $2,150.


  1. Earnie
    December 25, 2013 / 4:32 am

    I love bucket bags and this is cool!

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