Saks Fall Sale Rocks!!

dior_pythonpumps.pngAre you having as much fun as we are with all these sales? With sluggish sales figures reported so far for this year, retailers are starting sales early and it looks like it’s all the good stuff, too! These are the bags we have been salivating over but couldn’t justify so now that it’s on sale, no need to justify! The Zac Posen Antonia Patent Shoulder Bag in my favorite color, purple, has to be the best buy of the sale season. It is now $840 down from $1200. And trust me, the purple trend will continue. We are seeing big colors for Spring so you’re totally safe with this here.

The Ferragamo Laser Cut Patent Tote isn’t something that I would consider full priced but $875 from $1250 sure changes the tune. They have done an amazing job making the bags younger and I’m telling you, I see cute young girls with Ferragamo all the time now!! It is an iconic brand so there is not much risk in being seen with one. This giant tote, 22″ X 13″, is great for those who need to haul the world around with you (I am guilty of this now that I have 2 kids). I love this green, it is totally luscious and in the distressed patent it is neutral yet bold. I also love the thick braided handles. For all that, I can even deal with the laser cut logo. I was in love with this Jimmy Choo Kaaren Clutch from the start. Perfect timing now that it’s on sale with the holiday parties you’ll be attending. But you’ll be using this beyond the cocktails and finger food, this is a keeper! Was $995, now only $696.50.

Ohhh, Tina is not going to like seeing these Dior Python pumps go on sale because I know she bought this at full price. She is all about instant gratification so I guess she pays for being able to have it. These are the ultimate in lux shoes, like a museum piece!! On sale for $840, was $1200.

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  1. James
    November 29, 2007 / 12:48 pm

    Bag Snob Kelly, I couldn’t agree with you more! Now is the time to just buy everything. Initially, I was trying to decide between a Ferragamo tote for work or a D&G tote for school, but then they both went on sale. Let’s just say I have two packages heading my way! Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ferragamo laser cut patent tote AND that zac posen antonia patent shoulder bag.

  2. November 29, 2007 / 3:25 pm

    i love the jimmy choo pink clutch!! thanks!

  3. mette
    November 30, 2007 / 12:11 am

    The Ferragamo bag actually isn´t bad at all. Deep green is interesting,but then there should be something green in your wardrobe to match it with. What could could it be ? Luckily I live in Europe and it´s nearly impossible to get stuff from the States here in an reasonable price. Sigh.

  4. s
    November 30, 2007 / 7:44 am

    since you mention Ferragamo, does anyone here know if they still have the Ferragamo Priscilla bag in the US? (I think the style number is 2154/19), here in Europe I only found it in white and vanilla, not a good idea for taking to work everyday.

    I don’t like briefcases and think this might be a good way around those… anyone? thx for a tip

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