You can now sprinkle your daily supplements on your salad

Rootine Vitamins is a just-launched brand that immediately caught my attention (and we all know how many supplement brands there are right now…). Their packs deliver vitamins based on your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle (all via mail). What’s a game-charger to me, however, is not how they determine what vitamins you need because similar things already exist and there’s some debate as to how useful the DNA angle actually is, but the fact that the vitamins come in sprinkle form. I feel nauseous every day when I take my pre-natal supplements and they’re not even that big! These “sprinkles” are actually  slow release microbeads that deliver “precisely the right amount of nutrients through a slow release that distributes the vitamins into your bloodstream throughout the day.” While I can’t vouch for if this is a more effective way for our bodies to assimilate supplements, this is great news for anyone who has a weak stomach…you can literally sprinkle the vitamins on your salad, in your shake or, if they need to be taken on an empty stomach, in some water throughout the day.

I think this will be a real game-changer for many of us.

Vitamins included are Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Calcium, Copper, Vitamin D3, Alpha Lipic Acid, Zinc, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Phytosterols, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, MSM, Selenium, CoEnzyme Q10, but each pack is unique to each person so contents will vary.

Finally, and very importantly, there are no artificial colors or fillers and everything is quality tested. If you read Consumer Reports it’s sickening how many supplements don’t even contain a trace of what they claim to contain!

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