Samantha from The City in Bryna Nicole Harlow Bag

Samantha from The City.jpgHarlow_saddle.jpg

Please excuse the photograph above for being a little bit blurry, but it’s straight from the set of “The City.” Samantha, Whitney’s trusty sidekick is posing in the Bryna Nicole Harlow Bag ($310, Jessica Szhor has also been photographed in this bag) which is a boxy medium-sized leather bag that is sold in a variety of colors. The strap is detachable so it can double as a large clutch and the gold buttons give it the versatility to go from day-to-night. It’s also got 4 pockets (2 interior and 2 exterior) which makes it practical for the cold weather when you’re looking for things in a hurry. Aesthetically the bag doesn’t blow me over, but it’s got that downtown, laid-back, quick-and-easy vibe that a lot of 20-somethings in NYC are into these days. Bryna Nicole is a relative new comer to the handbag scene. She started her label in 2006 and is based in San Fran, but the label is rapidity expanding and a shoe line is already slated for 2011!

Do you own any Bryna Nicole bags? What do you think of Samantha’s — Snob or Slob?

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