Sans Sleeves


What’s your summer body goal? For years (and years, and years) mine has been to achieve toned arms. In a fashion parallel, that bod goal has also been dictating my summer wardrobe – I’ve never felt comfortable ditching the sleeves for the season. I asked around to find out if I was alone in my pursuit of body/wardrobe harmony and it turns out that we could fill a beach with the insecurities that no one else notices.

I own every type of weight you can imagine, and have suffered through all of the machines at the gym. My arms are far from perfect, but as a result of the effort I’ve put in I’m finally perfectly happy with them. And that means it’s time to buy all of the sleeveless tops I’ve been coveting. That’s what I call summer self-love.


GALVAN V-neck satin camisole, $295

CAMI NYC Olivia Top , $165


AGOLDE Tie-dyed jersey tank, $88


ETRO Floral Lace Detail Cami Top, $910



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