Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoe Collection Would Totally Be Carrie-Approved

For years, Sex and the City gave us ample material for some serious fashion fawning (check out @everyoutfitonsatc on Insta). With its recent 20th year anniversary (where has the time flown?!), let me remind you of the Fendi Baguette that catapulted to It bag status after being on the show.  Bags in pop culture can do some amazing things for a designer’s profile but also for the stars in it. 

Is it such a surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker would go do a deep dive in the fashion pond? Apparently it is. Friends, it only came to my attention that SJP has an accessories brand, containing bags and shoes! Being around an inspiring wardrobe department during her SATC days, and with super stylist, Patricia Fields you would learn a trick or two. Duh. Why wouldn’t you start your own fashion accessories empire?

Now, I’m usually wary about Celebrity lines because they tend to have ghost designers doing the brunt of the work while they sit back and plant their name on the goods, swill whatever beverage down and laugh as the profits come piling in. But, I’m willing to bet that SJP just really loves fashion (she attends her own pop up stores). As sort of a merge between fiction and reality, I see Carrie’s influence in SJP’s plethora of fun and colourful shoes. Fashion should be fun and that’s what her brand is about, “using colour as a neutral”. The conformist in me always loved Charlotte’s demure outfits but when I want some spice and zest, Carrie is who I turn to and it’s what I’m getting with SJP’s shoes!

Check below as I walk you through my faves.  Also, who’s still doing SATC Reruns?


10MM  D’orsay flat with Bow Detail

This bow detail at the back is just…lovely. Looks like a typical D’orsay but then reveals its butterfly wings. I love the interesting ‘wrench’ in the works.




Fawn 70 Dress Pump (available for $164.25)

The family of Fawn stiletto’s have many faces of colours and prints, but I particularly love this pattern. It’s definitely something that I can make a neutral. I see myself wearing this with white pants and a cream cami, possibly with a bright bra underneath..we’ll see what mood I’m in.




Women’s Ania Pump (available for $115.99)

The Ania has some seasonal vibes going on doesn’t it? Think Thanksgiving or Christmas gear. You’ll probably be thanking every step you don’t trip over. Not for those who aren’t honed in the art of elite walking in vertiginous heels.



Excursion Sandal (available for $86)

So, I’m usually not a fan of things pretending to be down and dirty, when really they’re brand new, but this one is speaking to the kid in me. Life is messy you know, doesn’t mean you need to chuck a tantrum. Kick the dirt off, put on some overalls and these sandals and have some fun!



Barbie Pump (available for $295)

Barbie, are you listening? This peek through action is really sexy. It’s like lingerie for your feet.



Rampling Pump (available for $375)

SJP’s shoe collection is a celebration about sparkles and blinging for your feet. There’s so many options with sheen and this Rampling pump would make me feel like I’m walking on cloud 9.




First Dance Flats (available for $170.62)

One thing that will be a constant in my life are flats: cheap, expensive, and anywhere in between; I love them all. Many of you out there take serious care with your face but I love to treat my tootsies too. My feet aren’t complaining in flats and in this sweet sheer version, the more happier it is.



Grace Embellished Satin Sandals (available for $495)

This huge belt buckle looking crystal feature reminds me of SATC days during the early aughts when bold logos and big features were being endorsed by the big fashion houses. Travel back through time with these slips on shoes!



Tartt Shimmer Mary Jane Pumps (available for $385)

These Mary Janes look like the 21st century answer to Dorothy’s red heels from the Wizard of Oz. I’ve seen on the Instagram page the way I would like it styled: no frills with a bit of oomph.



Juliet Satin Sandals (available for $181.12)

When I looked at all the sandals on Neiman Marcus, all the ‘similar items’ for this style of shoe were literally all black, well except for Manolo Blahnik. Wonder why, when colour can really make it stand out.



Celine Embellished Sparkle Mary Jane Pump (available for $450)

I love the Celine Mary Jane because the timid looking Mary Jane silhouette gets some confidence with huge ornamentation and the glitz and sparkles borrowed from striking silver.






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  1. June 28, 2018 / 11:57 am

    OK I must admit her shoes are beautiful. Very Carrie-like!
    Most of them are not so good for every day life (too high), though.
    But for the evening – great looks!

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