Sentimental Jewelry: Tokens of Love

Sentimental Jewelry

I love rare gemstones as much as the next Snob, but even rarer than Alexandrite or Paraiba tourmaline are the pieces that hold sentimental significance to my life and the people in it. That’s why I just had a Chinchar/Maloney necklace (on Chinchar/Maloney for $349) made with my birthstone, as well those of the boy and my hubby. It’s not the most expensive piece of jewelry out there, but it’s worth far more to me than even the largest, most perfectly cut diamond. If you don’t know what to get your loved ones for the holidays, these special keepsakes are just the things!

Sentimental Jewelry

Brevity Custom Signature Necklace:icon A nameplate necklace is nice. A necklace of your boyfriend/child/etc.’s signature is even better (whether it’s legible or not!). At Neiman Marcus for $295.

BaubleBar Morse Code Bar Pendant: Not the kind of person to put your love on display? Morse code monogramming will keep your private life just that. On BaubleBar for $125-$420.

ArtizanWork Custom Gold 3D Silhouette Charm:icon On the other end of the spectrum, ArtizanWork will use facial silhouettes to create charms of your beloved’s gorgeous mug. Exclusively at Neiman Marcus for $1,100.

BaubleBar Coordinates Bar Pendant: I know it’s so, so cheesy (give me a pass – it’s the holidays!), but home truly is where the heart is. With these coordinates, you can keep home with you wherever you go. On BaubleBar for $36.

BaubleBar Personalized G.I. Tag Necklace: Cute gifts for your two best girls. Think of them as grown-up friendship necklaces. On BaubleBar for $150.

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