Shiro Nubuck Crocodile


So this is what crocodile looks like inside out! What a great alternative to our fave exotic skin but let’s hope it wears better than its leather counterpart, suede. We discovered Shiro bags almost a year ago and American retailers are finally catching up to speed. I love the nubuck brown crocodile with patent crocodile trim, it’s fun to see what designer Massimo Calestrini will come up with next. He is inventive and creative, a dynamite about to explode in the fashion world! The olive green color is also to die for; I am really into all things olive right now, so luscious and yummy. Exotics continued strong on a host of Spring 2008 runways, do not expect the affair with all things croc to go away anytime soon! $12,300 – $13,500 at Neiman marcus. It is also interesting to note that prices have increased by more than a few thousand dollars since we first wrote about Shiro crocodile bags in January, seems a bit steep for a mere 10 months. Is it really the cost of crocodile skins rising or just retailers’ needless markup? hmmm


  1. mette
    October 29, 2007 / 1:26 pm

    I like the brown bag more-maybe because of the black frame that somehow` holds´ the bag better.Actually I liked the January croc version too.This nubuck version is more sensitive and I´m a little worried how it reacts in different climates and in hard use.A matter of liking doesn´t mean I would like buy the bag by the way.

  2. Lillian
    October 29, 2007 / 9:47 pm

    I hear you, however it really is a glorious bag for those special few who can afford it.

  3. Nancy C
    October 29, 2007 / 11:59 pm

    Glorious is the word, nubuck crocodile is so decadent!

  4. Vanessa Terrazas
    March 9, 2018 / 8:00 am

    I believe Shiro is the best when it comes to high quality cocodrile bags. Compared to popular designers that we all know and sell anything cocodrile at outrageous prices and the quality may not even be there, Shiro prices are fair.

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