Shourouk Collection: The Obsession Is On

I am completely enamored with French brand Shourouk (bags included!). This isn’t just lust; this is the beginning of a long-term love affair. Designer Shourouk Rhaiem’s are playful, dominant, and delectably unique. Claw rings (the Andromaque, $724/590€ , is a standout), headbands (I’m worshiping the asymmetrical detailing on the Gayatri ($552/450€), phoenix cuffs (I’ve never seen one so bedazzled, as her Phenix, $841/685€)…statement pieces rarely seen at these prices.

The Phenix Dorado ($730/595€) will have heads turning, but I’m especially obsessed with the Freja fringed necklace ($1,000/815€)! A fancy necklace superimposed with carefree fringe? I saw it at the Club Designer boutique in Taipei today, and the flashy yet playful piece looked like liquid on my neck. Needless to say, I picked up several pieces to style the number-one selling Chinese pop artist for her new album. This is my first time styling for an album, and Shourouk is just the rockin’, rollin’ brand I’ve been looking for. I have a feeling more than a few pieces will end up in my wardrobe after the photo shoot!

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