Signet Rings: From His Hand to Mine

I’m not sure if it’s all the menswear-inspired fashion I’ve been thinking about lately, but I’m having a major men’s ring moment. Signet rings, in particular, but also giant sports-championship rings. Wearing one is a major statement, one that I’m ready to make. I’ve even been considering sneaking off with my husband’s Southwestern college football-championship ring and re-sizing it for myself. (But he may divorce me. It is the most treasured piece of memorabilia from his youth! I’ll have to ease him into the idea but in the meantime, I’ll be ordering a hand engraved signet ring (again, it must be in a genuine men’s size in order to look good). You can get one ready-made from Stella McCartney. Her embossed gold-tone ring (on Net-a-Porter for $335) has that hearty, no-nonsense look, and you won’t have to commit burglary to make it your own.


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