Simon G Splurge and Save Tips


We asked Simon G, famed jewelers to the stars, to show us what to splurge and save on when buying jewelry. June brides take note, splurge when buying the most important piece of jewelry of your life!  Read on to discover how you can start a snob worthy jewelry collection!


1. Platinum Engagement Ring VS White Gold Engagement Ring

There has been much discussion over whether to purchase a platinum or white gold engagement ring and to be honest, platinum is best. The engagement ring is something you will have for the rest of your life and may even pass down to future generations, so you want to be sure the ring you purchase will stand the test of time. Platinum is the most pure, rare and eternal metal available and in most cases with the price of platinum dropping and gold rising, purchasing a platinum engagement ring will only set you back 300-1000 more than a gold ring, however the benefits will far outweigh the sting of the greater price, so we believe platinum is definitely a splurge.

(See Simon G collection here)


2. Timeless Diamond Earrings

Wether your style is studs, hoops or drops, every woman should invest in one pair of authentic diamond earrings that can be worn every day. Often times it is said you can sacrifice the quality of the diamonds used in earrings, but we disagree. Think about this…when you speak with someone, the listener’s focus is on your face and the closest piece of jewelry to a woman’s face is her earrings, so you want to make sure you do not sacrifice on the quality of the earrings you choose. When selecting the earrings for which you will splurge on, make sure they are earrings that are versatile and stand the test of time. Diamond studs or hoop earrings tend to be the most versatile earrings available and the fact they can be worn dressed up or down, make them the ideal splurge.


3. Versatile Piece of Jewelry

It is always nice to own a piece of jewelry that can be worn several ways and that can truly transform an outfit. Take a brooch that can also be worn as a necklace or a bracelet that can be worn as several rings, for instance. You could take a lack luster suit and add a fantastic diamond broach and wahla, you have a new outfit and after you have worn the suit, you can throw the broach on a chain and allow it to accessorize your white button down and jeans for a casual evening out. How about adding a little color to your life with a colored stone and diamond bracelet that allows you to take the bracelet apart in sections so that each colored stone transitions into a beautiful ring, providing you with the perfect accessory to any outfit. We believe if you have a piece that is authentic and crafted with quality it will stand the test of time and the versatility of the piece makes it a definite splurge.


1. Body Jewelry

Often times the trends in body jewelry, such as belly rings and toe rings change and the fact that there are so many costume options to choose from for this type of jewelry, we think this is a great piece to save on.

2. Trendy Fashion Jewelry

Because the trends come and go and there are many knock offs available which showcase the hottest trend, we would advise you to save on extremely trendy jewelry pieces that more than likely will only last a season like lucite, beads, and enamel.

3. Stackable bracelets

Although there are many beautiful high quality diamond and gold bracelets available for stacking, we feel there are just as many knockoffs. The price really starts to add up when you choose to purchase diamond and gold bracelets for stacking and since this look is usually one that is whimsical and fun, we feel choosing the knock off it is the perfect way to achieve the look and to save.

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