Smart Gloves: The Magic Touch

Smart Gloves

Forget fingerless gloves! The iPhone addicted set – a.k.a. pretty much everyone these days – requires instant access to their calls and texts, yet this NYFW’s freezing temps demand full finger protection (wait, that didn’t sound right!). Smart gloves aren’t necessarily all that new, but finding a chic pair before now has been near impossible. After I’ve snipped off the thumbs of far too many expensive gloves, Echo Design is finally giving us the magic touch…

Echo Touch Denim Glove ($78): An unexpected pairing – denim and leather. Even more unexpected is the aloe lining! Protection from the outside and inside.

Echo Leather Peplum Glove ($115): Peplum adds a touch of femininity to black leather gloves (also with aloe lining). Just imagine the drama a single motion of the hand will create.

Lux Mossy Echo Touch Glove ($38): For those who crave the warmth of extra long gloves. What would normally be a pain to remove for a quick text is suddenly made easy.

Cashmere Echo Touch Glove ($88): Who’d know how complex these simple cashmere gloves actually are? Though available in a variety of colors, when it comes to coordinating with a million wintertime outfits, black is always best.

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