Snob Essentials Collection: Happy Snobiversary!


As we kick off yet another New York Fashion Week, we celebrate 10 years of Snobbery with you. On September 6th, 2005 we put up our first post. It started off as a hobby for Kelly and me, an elaborate pen pal system, if you will, so we could share our love of bags and fashion while our newborn babies napped. People often ask me if I ever thought our career would take off as it has, and honestly, we talked of big dreams (At least I did! Kelly is the realist who keeps me in check) but never in my wildest did I think we would go this far and for this long. We owe it all to our readers and supporters in the fashion industry because frankly, without you, we are merely two women with dreams.

To celebrate properly, as Snobs do, we asked some of our favorite designers to create exclusive limited-edition items for our new e-commerce site. Think of it as a bespoke shopping experience on a larger scale. Each and every piece was created just for our readers, available here only (in some cases on the designers’ own website, as well) and in very limited quantities. This collection is for the Snob who is looking for that unique purchase, one that isn’t already ubiquitous thanks to street style coverage or massive brand-gifting by the time it hits the shelves. For the Snob who wants to treasure her luxury purchases whether it be a $195 hat or a $2,195 bag. In short, for you.

Our collections will not heed to seasons or trends. When you order a custom piece, it’s perennially chic. This is the ultimate evergreen wardrobe, which we’re kicking off with the Rag & Bone hat in a hint of pink with grey trim and the Paul Andrew for Bag Snob Bellevue shoe in your choice of exclusive Snob Pink (the exact hue of our original logo 10 years ago!) or Mercury Grey. Look forward to more to come next week, and as a special thank you (if you have read this far!) we are offering a 20% discount to our snobby readers for this month only. Enter the code Snobby20. Happy shopping!

Snob Essentials Collection


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  1. Katy
    September 12, 2015 / 4:22 am

    Wow! Ten years- big congrats, ladies! I’m so happy for you. It’s always lovely to see women create greatness out of dreams. I’ve enjoyed your blogs for about five years now. The pieces are gorgeous!

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