Snob or Slob? Christopher Kane Leopard-Print Shoulder Bag: Flat Lining


A fierce, splashy leopard print: check. Bright brushes of color against a neutral – and therefore, versatile – base: check. Your choice between a charcoal and neon, ‘80s-inspired colorway and my preference, camel jolted with bold hue: check. Christopher Kane’s ever-hearty sense of fun that never takes itself too seriously: check again. Looking at this nappa bag head-on, I kind of love it. But that’s just the thing – there’s nothing else to it!

While the pattern leaves little to be desired and Kane’s devil-may-care aesthetic is (almost) always to be appreciated, without any volume whatsoever, this one-dimensional bag is nothing but a pouch that’s been glorified with a strap. That’s fine if all your essentials are basically flat, too. I’ve certainly gotten used to carrying the bare minimum, thanks to my penchant for the mini trend. Then again, I’m not terribly thrilled about the idea of carrying a bag with no substance, literally. I’ll take a pass on this flattened-out shoulder bag. What’s your take? Christopher Kane leopard-print shoulder bag available in camel and gray on for $1,143.

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