Snob Trends of 2008 — Part I

Sure there has been some bad and there definitely has been some ugly, but overall when it comes to beauty trends, 2008 was a smashing success! Check-out the first half of our Snob Trends of 2008!


1. Women Secretly Swear by their Clarisonic: I am OBSESSED with the Clarisonic! It is THE beauty product of 2008. It will clear your skin, make your pores smaller, and leave your face as soft as a baby’s bum! Hands down worth every single penny it will cost you.

2. Mascara Wars: It was the battle between Lancome Oscillation, Estee Lauder’s Turbo Lash, Givenchy’s Phenomen ‘Eyes Mascara , and SpinLash’s Rotating Wand. In my book, it’s Givenchy all the way!

3. Michelle Obama: Head-to-toe, the world was obsessed with every piece of Mrs. Obama!

4. Gadget Madness: Ladies went gaga for technology this year with everything from Zeno’s Pro Acne Clearing Device, which uses heat to kill pimples, to Clean & Clear’s Blackhead Eraserwhich uses a vibrating motion and foaming pad to exfoliate dead surface skin and remove dirt and oil.


5. Crimson Lips: For when you feel like making a statement — just don’t forget to brush your hair or risk looking like a Courtney Cox-esque train wreck! Plus, loving this trend is the perfect excuse to indulge in Kanebo’s Crimson Red shade, Ginza, which is made with 24kt-gold-infused silk!

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6. Nude: From natural looking makeup to going bare with your nails — sometimes less is more!

7. Grey Nails: This trend is so big I’ve been to three different Sephora’s and I still can’t get my hands on grey Calvin Klein nail polish! Yes…even sold-out online:(


8. Customization: Everyone wants things that feel special and personal which is why we’re gaga over Prescriptives Custom Blend (the lip gloss is the best!). And, lest we forget, My Blend  is the ruler when it comes to personalized skincare — love the My Blend Stress Management Day Lotion Set which is specially formulated to fight the acne of stress-ridden adults!

9. Collaborations: MAC had the internet abuzz with all of their collaborations (Dame Edna, Hello Kitty), and even though I’m not personally a fan — lots, and lots, and lots of people are. Plus, I’ve got to give some props to the folks at MAC because they will be coming out with a grey nail color as part of their Hello Kitty collaboration.


10. Pearly Whites: OK, ok so pearly whites never really go out of style, but this year ladies didn’t have to suffer with those painful Crest Whitestrips — just use the way superior and equally bargain priced Rembrandt’s Whitening Strips!

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