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So my ex-boyfriend, among his many other faults, didn’t really take care of his skin that well. He worked in a job that required him to wear a mask on his face for part of the day, he lived in a really hot, sweaty climate and he only shaved sporadically (and with an electric razor when he did! *gasp*). So you can imagine how rough and dry his skin was. My skin itched looking at it sometimes. The one thing I did manage to impart on his daily routine was the use of Anthony Logistics for Men Facial Scrub. It’s a perfect thing to add to a low maintenance guy’s routine. It’s got Aloe Vera and Vitamin C in it to help moisturize his skin and while it smells pleasant, it doesn’t smell to girly so your guy will still want to use it! The best part however, is the tiny beads in it that smooth the dead skin away and leave skin super soft. If your guy has less than supple skin, leave this on the counter and hope he uses it. It’s the perfect beauty product for the non-beauty product guy. My relationship might have ended, but I’m hoping (for the sake of the girls who came after me!) that the nighttime face cleansing routine he established kept going. $18 at Anthony Logistics for Men Facial Scrub


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  1. jennifer hall
    August 31, 2007 / 7:14 pm

    I actually just got this for my 14 year old son. I think buys can be snobs too!! haha…

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