RedPoint Stayput Eyeliner


Sophia Loren and George Clooney — proof that you can be gorgeous at any age!

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with that movie

Auntie Mame. I just wanted to grow-up and be this eccentric grandmother

decked-out in baubles and sequins just like Rosalind Russell in the movie🙂

Though I still hope to be a glamorous granny one day, I don’t hope to look like

one anytime soon, which is why I love makeup that’s not just makeup. Why stop

at using creams to fight the signs of aging, when you can use makeup that incorporates

similar properties. Redpoint’s Stayput Eyeliners ($21), are long-lasting and water-resistant (both of which are essential for me, because I often put

eyeliner on my eyelids and if it’s not long-lasting they end-up on my boyfriend’s

face — he ends up freaking-out about getting it off and sounding like

me when I see a gross bug!). In addition though, Redpoint eyeliners are great because they have an

anti-aging TriPeptide complex to help eyes appear smoother and more youthful. I’m

loving their new Congo

color which is a deep chocolate that looks great smudged (it comes with a sponge

and a sharpener), for a smoky, dark look that’s perfect for fall.

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  1. Lottie
    September 30, 2008 / 11:26 am

    This sounds great I must check it out! I have a question most Americans especially the stars always seem to have fabulous pearly white smiles….when I was in New York just off Fifth Ave I noticed a teeth whitening place, do most people get it done professionally or with the home kits you can get from your dentists?! And which is best?

    I am off to New York very soon so if you have any hot tips would love to see a feature on this!


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