Spring has sprung!


Post by Michelle

I totally have spring fever! Today, I wore cute little cuffed jeans with ballet flats and no socks, tomorrow I’m breaking out my new wide legged linen pants and this weekend I’m going to use my favorite spring yellow Marc Jacobs bag! I’m also rebelling against dark nail polish and painting my nails pink! I’ve long held the theory that my skin is to pale to look right with pink nail polish, but in honor of upcoming spring, I’m making the leap! I really like Lancome Nail Polish. (Probably because it’s the brand I used to watch my mother paint her nails with when I was little.) Pink Crystalline is a great, shimmery pink color that’s fun without being a too over the top. For an interesting twist try getting a French manicure with pink tips and a white base instead of the other way around. It’s a unique take on an old standard. So check it out and cross your fingers that it doesn’t snow in my hood this weekend (Hey, it’s Boston, you never know…) $15 at Lancome-usa.com

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