Steal the Look: Emma Stone’s Side Braid

Steal the Look

I’ve been obsessed with side braids for years now, especially during the hot summer months when you want to keep your hair off your neck as often as possible. Emma Stone makes the style seem effortless, but the relaxed, “undone” look actually requires a bit more doing than you’d expect so I’m turning to the professionals! Keratin Complex International Team Member Abraham Sprinkle has all the tips we need to master the boho side braid…

1. Apply Keratin Complex Lift Off Root Amplifying Styling Gel (on Amazon for $14.23) to wet locks.
2. You need texture to recreate Emma’s side braid. Prime the hair for this with a rough finger blow-dry.
3. Take three unequal sections and start to braid on the far side of the nape.
4. For those with fine hair, use a slight back comb technique and mist the hair with Keratin Complex Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray (on Amazon for $21.60) for added grip.
5. Braid loosely and secure at the end.
6. Mist the palm of the hand with hair spray, then run hands upward over the braid to get the tousled look.

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