Stella McCartney gets “Absolutely Fabulous”

Sweetie darling, Darling sweeties, did you know “Absolutely Fabulous” is set to return to BBC One with three special episodes to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary over the holiday season?!!  I am peeing in my pants that Eddy will be back on the small scren!  Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton was a former guest in the show in 2003 and will return for the new episodes as well.  To top it off, Stella McCartney will make a special guest appearance in the new show!!!  Omg, will Kate Moss be on it as well?  What about Patsy?  The show will not be the same without PATSY!  I CAN NOT WAIT!!!  Oh and last night Eddy lit the Christmas tree at Stella McCartney’s annual lighting event at her London boutique.


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