Stella McCartney Pop Falabella: Tasting the Rainbow

Stella Loves Dallas

In celebration of the free spirit of summer, Stella’s most popular bag style is now available in seven bold hues, each representing a personality trait: Mist (calmness), Bluebird (confidence), Bright Purple (fun), Hot Pink (friendship), Cherry (love), Orange (playfulness), and Golden Syrup (joy). Which of the Rainbow Pop Falabella Collection pieces best suits your personality?

You know when you daydream your favorite designer is also your BFF and you get to hang out all day together? A champagne lunch followed by a great party for your kids? That kind of fantasy gets even better when your imaginary BFF, aka Stella McCartneyicon, turns out to be the warmest, friendliest, and most fun girl (not to mention the one with the best clothes) you can imagine. Yeah, that happened!

The intimate luncheon, held at Neiman Marcus NorthParkicon, showcased a museum’s worth of Stella’s art and photographs, as well as Spring and Pre-Fall goodies for purchase. With the Falabella bag and rose gold shoe cakes served after the vegetarian meal, the theme of the day was clearly to let us eat cake – and shop their equally delectable counterparts! That was all just the start, though, as Stella hosted a family event at her store in Highland Park Villageicon that very same afternoon.

The boy, who at 11-years-old naturally refuses to go anywhere with me that’s fashion-related, agreed to attend the party when I mentioned Stella’s father was THE Beatle (he and his fifth-grade buddies are all obsessed with the Beatles right now and have created a rock band in homage to the Fab Four). He even sang all his favorite Beatles songs in the car on the way there. And he was not disappointed with the event to come, either. When Stella throws a party, it’s guaranteed to be an all-out funfest. Think games (with amazing Stella McCartney prizes!), food (all organic and vegan), and even carnival rides. At the end of the day, even the boy, the toughest critic, proclaimed Stella McCartney the coolest designer he knows. And he’s very well-versed on the subject of designers, mind you.

How could he not be? You know I’ve been a crazed fan and ardent collector of all things Stella since that first black lace jumpsuit I bought almost seven years ago. That jumpsuit serves me well to this day. In fact, I wear it so often that a fashion illustrator sketched me wearing it! That’s the thing with Stella’s designs: Despite always feeling fresh, they endure time and surpass trends. They never scream, “fashion victim,” nor are they trendy, yet they always manage to remain on-trend. That’s the genius of her dichotomy.

After our champagne lunch at Neiman Marcus, I had a chance to chat with Stella about her life and work:

TC: Welcome to Dallas! It’s so exciting to see you. So we have a few questions for you. If you had an extra day, what would you do that you don’t normally allow yourself to do?

SM: Sleep! With all four of my children and husband in bed with me.

TC: What if your husband wasn’t with you?

SM: I would ride my horse with my four children. Bareback.

TC: We just saw your Pre-Fall collection. What’s your favorite piece?

SM: It’s a very cat-predominant collection. I also love a lot of the sporty side, like the coats with knit sleeves. I love the shoes. I love it all – I’m terrible!

TC: I call myself a Stella McCartney collector. If I like something, I get it in every color.

SM: Well, the good thing is hopefully you never get rid of it.

TC: It’s true. I will never get rid of any of my Stella pieces! When I go to vintage or designer consignment stores, I never see your pieces there, either.

SM: It’s important to me. The idea of luxury is you keep something forever and hand it down to the next generation.

TC: Like my lace jumpsuit was my first investment piece from you years ago, and I still pull it out all the time. Another question: What’s your spirit animal?

SM: Horse, probably. (Editor’s note: Falabella is the name of a breed of miniature horses. Stella’s releasing a rainbow’s worth of Falabella bags today from her new Pop collection. Take a look at the seven vibrant hues above!)

TC: And the cats come from?

SM: I’m sort of known for bringing animals into the collections, and this season, it was about kittens. The naughty spirit of the cat. They’re kind of sexy, too.

TC: I have to commend you because when you say you want to be eco-conscious and animal-friendly, you do it all the way. How does that differ from what you used to do at other houses?

SM: I’ve only ever worked this way, so I’ve never compromised anything to do with animal rights or the environment. Not using leather or fur has a big impact on how I source materials. I develop tons and tons.

TC: It’s very costly!

SM: It’s a big commitment, but it’s what I believe in.

TC: Absolutely. I love that you are so committed. Congratulations!

StellaMcCartney_NeimanMarcus_5Stella McCartney Falabella Studded Quilted Shaggy Deer Mini Tote (at Stella McCartney for $1,270)

StellaMcCartney_NeimanMarcus_6Stella McCartney Copper Elyse Star Shoes (at Stella McCartney for $1,100)

StellaMcCartney_NeimanMarcus_4Stella and Ken Downing, Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus


My Day With Ms. McCartney

My Day With Ms. McCartneyStella McCartney Marianne Botanical Embroidery Dress (on Forward by Elyse Walker for $2,230)

StellaMcCartney_NeimanMarcus_2Stella with hostess Jessica Nowitzki


My Day With Ms. McCartney

My Day With Ms. McCartney

Illustration Credit: Dallas Shaw

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