Stop sharing your beauty products with your significant other!

Women aren’t the only ones who want to stay looking younger longer! Even if men aren’t as quick to admit it, they are just as concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, and even breakouts as we are. That said, because of the nature of their skin, adult males are less prone to breaking out and the aforementioned wrinkles. This doesn’t mean they need to care for their skin any less (on the flip side, in fact, they are more prone to melanoma), but it does mean they have to care for it differently.

Men should not be using the same products that you are. They have different skin (it’s thicker and oiler) and because most men shave regularly they need specific products formulated for them. This also goes for beauty treatments. If your significant other is getting a facial, make sure they go in for a men’s facial and that they are using products designed specifically for their skin type. My boyfriend had a facial at The Ritz Carlton in San Francisco and his skin was red and completely broken out afterwards!

To get more insight into the differences between men and women’s skin and what men can do to keep their skin looking as healthy as possible we spoke with Equinox Columbus Circle spa manager Angel Poyssick (side not, after the unfortunate facial experience at The Ritz, he went to the Equinox Spa at the Four Seasons in San Francisco and it was fantastic…).

Often men will use whatever product they see laying around. Why is it important for men to have products and treatments made specifically for their gender?

There are a variety of reasons men’s skin is different from women’s. Because men produce testosterone, it makes our skin oilier and thicker. We tend to have smaller sebaceous glands, and the act of shaving continuously compromises our natural acid mantle. Men need specific products designed for them. These products have the ideal molecular structure to penetrate our thicker skin and produce optimal results.

Are there some skincare products that are fine for men to share with women?

Any skin-care product designed for a man can be used by a woman. However, women should avoid using men’s exfoliating scrubs because, men’s skin is thicker, these scrubs may be too abrasive for a woman’s more sensitive skin.

For men prone to breakouts shaving can be particularly stressful. Do you have any suggestions?

No individual “breaks out” for the same reason. The first step to clearing up your skin is seeing an esthetician. They can get to the root of what’s causing the outbreak. Is it because of improper diet? Maybe the wrong skin care products? Or possibly those out breaks are in-grown hairs resulting from improper pre- and post- shave care?

What are the major benefits that come with facials for men?

Times are changing and men should be just as concerned with the health of their skin as women. Scheduling your routine facial will not only keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, it will also equip you with the knowledge to properly maintain your skin at home and in between facials. Studies have shown that men have higher risk of melanoma, so regular facials can also be critical to men’s health.

How often do you recommend getting them?

At minimum, we recommend a facial at least 4 times a year. As the season’s change so do the environmental aggressors on the skin. However, to achieve optimal results, we recommend a monthly facial with an esthetician you know and trust.

What do you suggest for between facial “maintenance”?

It’s extremely important to know exactly what skin type you have. Something as simple and using the wrong cleanser for your skin type can cause your skin to become temperamental. Seeing an esthetician and getting an in depth skin analysis can ensure you invest in the right skincare for home use, without expensive trial-and-error. In terms of products, we recommend that everyone has a minimum of a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer.

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