Experts say: Stop wasting your money on collagen powder!

As soon as I took a closer look at my maca powder jar and saw that it can cause birth defects, I was turned off from adding any and all powders and various other supplements to my juices and smoothies. It’s undeniable, however, how popular they are, especially collagen powder. While it’s not quite as shocking as the news that probiotic supplements may actually be hurting our gut, it will still surprise many people that those collagen powders many are adding to smoothies are literally doing nothing besides adding calories and costing money!

“People think if they eat collagen it’s going to lead to more collagen in their skin but that’s absolutely not true; I wish it was that simple!” exclaims celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. “When you eat collagen, it’s broken down in your stomach into what’s called amino acids. Collagen is a protein, once it’s broken down it doesn’t function. It doesn’t get into your skin in a form of collagen. The only way to do it is to use ingredients applied topically that stimulate your skin to make more of its own collagen – think vitamin C, peptides, an LED device, etc – these are the ways to get more collagen into your skin… not eating it – it’s getting your skin to actually make it.”

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