Stuart Weitzman Gladiator Sandals: The Cage Fight

Stuart Weitzman Gladiator Sandals

I have never, ever liked this trend, and am always surprised to see it live through yet another spring season. Unless your name is Gisele Bündchen, I would stay far away. Sausages have a better chance of looking sexy! The sandals can also be too big or sit at an awkward place on your calves. Even if you like the gladiator look, this is definitely not a click-and-buy purchase. Stuart Weitzman’s are “made to order” with two heights and a variety of colors (even leopard) to choose from, but unless you’re trying on the shoes in person, there’s no guarantee they’re going to flatter your legs – even with these elastic straps. And as if black or nude weren’t bad enough, now we have scarlet sandals…in suede! Because what screams spring better than dark red suede, right? Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals available at Neiman Marcusicon for $398.

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