Sugar or Wax?


“Jeez honey — wax much?” …The Sex and the City line spoken by Samantha and directed at Miranda must have spurred countless women to brave the pain and head to their nearest hair removal salon! That said, I just got back from Shobha, a small, upscale chain of hair-removal salons in NYC and tried sugaring for the first time — I can’t even describe how much better than waxing it is!! The sugar gel is made in-house from only sugar and lemon juice, and has a honey-like consistency. It works just like wax, but doesn’t stick to your skin, so while it’s still not the most pleasant experience, trust me, it’s A LOT less painful than waxing. Shobha’s staff is also super-friendly and patient, which is always important for me when I’m trying things I’m nervous about!


If you get a chance to go to Shobha ask for Promila. She was the specialist that helped me and she’s incredibly sweet and amazingly efficient (I got a perfect full-bikini sugaring in only 15 minutes), and for any questions ask to speak to Alexis! Shobha also offers an array of products including some that they make themselves. They’re in the processing of expanding so check-out their website for more info!


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  1. Cinthia
    June 11, 2008 / 9:04 am

    I just visited the website and I DEFINITELY will be visiting this place….looks amazing. which of the 3 locations did you go to? i will let you know how it goes with me.

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