Suki Waterhouse x Cambridge Satchel Saddle Bag: Day-to-Night is All Right

Suki Waterhouse x Cambridge Satchel Saddle Bag

Carrying a saddle bag on the red carpet? That’s not something you see every day – and for good reason. Somehow, though, Cambridge Satchel’s vintage-inspired design seems surprisingly appropriate hanging off the shoulder of model Suki Waterhouse. With a lacy slip dress, red fur, and satin shoes, one would normally reach for a clutch, but you have to admit that this is decidedly more convenient. Why bother paring down to only your credit card, phone, and lipstick when you can grab your go-to bag? She was also seen wearing it the day before with a burnt orange jumpsuit, so it’s safe to say that she just really loves this satchel (it’s even monogrammed with her initials) and when I feel that way about a bag, I know I want to carry it everywhere too! Cambridge Satchel Saddle bag at Cambridge Satchel for $170.

Suki Waterhouse x Cambridge Satchel Saddle Bag

Photo Credits: Getty

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