I have to say I was predisposed to not like sukicream. I have a pet-peeve about cheap gimmicks and something about sukicream not using capitalization in any of their product descriptions or packaging just reeked — cheap gimmick — to me. Is that crazy??

Anyway, that aside I tried the sukicolor Pure Cream Satin (note the capitalization!), which is meant for both cheeks and lips. Personally 2-in-1 products never work for me (the worst are those 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners!) and this product was no different. It was a little too waxy for my cheeks and didn’t blend in easily so I ended-up looking like a clown when I tried the product on my cheeks! It worked better on my lips, but it had a potent chemical-like smell so I took it off just as fast as I put it on:( Luckily, I had one of my Bourjois Effect 3D High Shine Lip Glosses (love #4 Rose Emblematic) nearby!

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