Summer 2019 Nail Trends

Pretty manis are everything right now according to Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO & Founder of Olive & June. ” Our Nail Polish in GH (named after Geri Hirsch) has been one of our best sellers and it’s a gorgeous shade of pink that feels right for any moment, from brunch to weddings. Our clients are also loving sheer, barely there manis – less pink, still chic! – and EC (named after Eva Chen) is the perfect shade for that low key mani.”

Another big trend for summer: having fun with your mani, especially telling a story across a few nails. “We love combining our sticker packs to lean into a special moment – think pairing the cherries in Lovely Day with the strawberries and more in Fruit Salad, says Gibson Tuttle. “If you’re feeling less cutesy, negative space shapes add dimension. The white outlined stars and open circles in our Pattern Party sticker pack are really dynamic when paired the diamonds in our Desert Mood pack.”

A classic mani with some fun nail art is a fun look for summer. “This look is our polish in EC + daisy nail art stickers from the Lovely Day  sticker pack.”

Another big, buzzy nail trend is Nexgen, especially given the concerns over gel manicures. So is Nexgen a viable alternative? Here’s a kicker: I reached out to nearly a half dozen nail experts and none of them wanted to comment on the trend! Is this trend – also called nail dipping – the next Japanese hair straightening? Meaning everyone does it only to later find themselves with damaged hair? I’m no certified nail expert so I can only present the facts as I know them.

The Nexgen process includes the application of a bond, a gel base, followed by a sheer, then colored powder. It lasts longer than gel – at least 3 weeks (versus 2 with gel). It’s not as thick as gel and most importantly no UV lights are used. I did Nexgen before my wedding and it looked amazing and lasted nearly a month! But it was impossible to remove. I’m so bad with gel – I always remove it myself, but with this, I literally couldn’t! Which makes me think it can’t possibly be good for nails.

The process also includes the use of a drill, to buff the nail before application and, from what I’ve read, this drilling can remove a couple of layers of the nail, which might explain why after removal my nails were brittle and dry. It’s also important to only go to salons that sprinkle the powder on your nails – not dip in a jar after dozens of others have done so. To read more about this growing trend click here.

My bottom line? I don’t think gel or Nexgen are totally safe so I don’t do them regularly. When I have a special event or am going on vacation and I know I won’t be able to do my nails for a few weeks then yes, but on the regular I just do normal manicures.

It’s also worth singling out that wearing polish all year round is totally safe! The only damage that can happen is discoloration if you don’t protect your nails properly (think base coat at the very least).  “Because the nail plate is basically dead keratin, there is no health-related need to allow the nails to breath,” Dave Crisalli, founder and CEO of PROSE told me. “Wearing nail lacquer every day of the year is fine, as long as you are using products infused with healthy ingredients to help maintain overall nail health. ”

Better to be safe than sorry, no?

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