Summer Blues: Tina Craig For Gianfranco Lotti OTTO bag

Of the six-style bag collection I designed with Gianfranco Lotti, the OTTO bag has been the biggest crowd pleaser (only a few left on!) with ladies of all ages and tastes. I know this because Emily, the super hip LA based 20 something photographer who shot me for the Covetuer feature, was obsessed with it as were many of the ladies who attended the launch luncheon in Dallas and purchased the bag. It’s a unique and fun shape and I had as much fun designing it as I am carrying it. To see similar reactions from bag snobs globally has been super rewarding! The Otto comes in two sizes, the medium is pictured above in sky blue with tonal stripes, an easy way to wear the striped trend as the colors are great with anything and everything. I wanted a bag that I could wear to luncheons, cocktails or even a picnic in the park as easily as I could to a business luncheon. For me, that bag is the OTTO.

Not only is it stylish and cool,  the octagon shape with 8 sides also has special meaning to me. Eight is the luckiest of numbers in Chinese culture- I am the 8th grandchild and I was born in August, the 8th month! I’ve always said carrying this bag will bring you good luck and so far, it’s done just that for me! 2017 has been a stellar year for me both personally and professionally. I don’t know if I will ever stop carrying this bag! If you haven’t seen it- you must check it out asap!

Tina Craig for Gianfranco Lotti OTTO bag available in red or sky blue exclusively at


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    May 20, 2017 / 12:01 pm


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