Summer Cleansers: Refresh Your Routine

Summer Cleansers

You hear a lot about switching from heavy to light moisturizers come summer, but that’s not the only skincare change we should be making this time of year. Since my face gets oilier when it’s hotter, I’ve switched over to the gently scrubbing Espa Optimal Skin Procleanser (on Espa for $55), using Liz Earle muslin clothsicon (on Birchbox for $7.50) for deep cleaning around the T-zone. And that’s just for morning. In the evening, I use Mila Moursi’s cleansing toner (at Mila Moursi for $70) to help remove all of the excess oils I’ve built up throughout the day. This one is also great at creating a nice surface for makeup application. Whichever brand you like, just make sure not to over scrub or clean; this will strip the skin of its natural oils. Clarisonic addicts aren’t doing themselves any favors by over-exfoliating. That stimulates melanin in Asian skin (the cause of unsightly spots!). Good skin may begin with clean skin, but mess up the balance, and you may end up back at square one. Something lighter is just what’s needed to keep your routine in check!

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