Summer To Fall Transitional Beauty Tips

Many women start to have skincare problems when seasons change because they wait to long (ie till there’s a problem like a breakout) to adapt their beauty regimen to the change in environmental aggressors. Fall is also the time to correct some of the damage you’ve likely done over the summer to both your skin and your hair.

One of the key products to use in this transition is something with vitamin C to help deal with the brown and sun spots that come with summer. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum ($78) is a good pick (love Dr. Gross!! He really helped me when my skin was breaking out and his line of products is fantastic). You’ll also want to protect yourself from clogged pores caused by dead skin cells as the air gets drier. Proactiv+ Exfoliator ($37.95) is a great pick because it’s preventative but also an acne treatment product. Lastly as far as skincare goes, with the end of summer we transition from glow to matte. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer ($30) is perfect for this.

For hair, fall means we can get rid of our UV protecting sprays and instead work Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss ($26) into our routine. Use the foam between shampoo and conditioning (I use it twice a week) and it will really work to brighten up your color (I use the one for blonde hair and saw a difference after the first use).

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