T3 Barrel Brush Large Ceramic + Tourmaline 3″


These giant brushes came inside swag bags on every seat at Derek Lam’s Spring 2011 show at Lincoln Center two weeks ago along with a set of Estee Lauder lipglosses (Derek’s sponsors, obviously).  Everyone took the Estee Lauder lipglosses out of their bags and left these brushes, me– I clutched on to mine all day through other shows despite its bulk and prickliness. Hello, it’s from T3, I knew better than to throw this away and it was the smartest decision I made all week!  This brush will make you look like you had a professional blow out, even if you are using an old dilapidated Conair blowdryer (which I was at the hotel, having left my T3 dryer at home). It’s made 100% of crushed Tourmaline jewels and gives my hair tremendous shine without any additional heavy products.  Get one asap!

T3 Large Ceramic + Tourmaline Brush (3.0″) $15

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  1. Bonnie
    October 2, 2010 / 1:16 am

    I LOVE these brushes! I was getting ready at a friend’s house and had to borrow her t3 barrel brush. OH MY. It’s amazing what a difference these brushes make..!! My hair held the volume and curl (and it’s usually weighed down because the length reaches my lower back).

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