‘Tis the season of the espadrille! With acutely-modern metallic leather Guccis and pompom-accented Aquazzuras, it’s easy to forget just how long this shoe has been around. The style dates back 4,000 years. Some of its best iterations come from Pyrenean Catalonia (Spain – France) and the Occitania region, where the footwear has been made since the 14th century. While the term “espadrille” is French, it has roots in the Catalan language, deriving its meaning from espart, a tough Mediterranean grass used to make rope. Clearly, today's designers have a rich history to draw upon, and they’ve immersed themselves in it to create some of the most gorgeous espadrilles yet. Whether you like yours embroidered or crafted from classic canvas, flat or towering, inexpensive or investment-worthy, there’s no shortage of shoes to pick up for summer!
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