When it comes to toothbrushes, there hasn't been much innovation over time, and some may ask, why should there be? I've been using my Sonicare for about 13 years, and I haven't had a cavity since. What I have had because of it is gum recession, and here's why. When you use a toothbrush like the Sonicare, you're supposed to let the brush do all the work, meaning you should just be placing it on your teeth - not placing it and moving it back and forth like you would a manual toothbrush. I know this! I have known this for years! In fact, I've even had part of my gums replaced, and yet I still can't stop the back and forth motion. My dentist says it's a common problem amongst stressed out New Yorkers. She calls it "aggressive brushing." In any case, while I can't overstate my love for Sonicare, I was curious to try something new; so I bought the Issa Toothbrush from Foreo, which promises to not damage gums.
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