My brother moved from New York to Seattle to work for Microsoft and then Amazon, and in the process, he became super environmentally-conscious (Before, he was freaking out over the lack of good steaks he's a mostly vegan triathlete). What does that mean? It means that when he came back to NYC to visit my parents and me, and he saw how many water bottles I go through every day, he literally yelled at me (YELLED!). This led me to do research into fitness shakers and bottles to replace my pile of Fiji and Poland Spring ones. I hate to admit this, but not only did I go through five to six a day, but I was also horrible about recycling them. Luckily, it turns out a lot has changed since those shabby, old plastic bottles ruled the market, which impart nasty plastic-like "flavoring" to beverages and can easily accumulate bacteria over the course of usage.
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