Tamara Ecclestone x Victoria, Victoria Beckham: Step Down

Victoria, Victoria Beckham

I almost bought this two-tone Victoria, Victoria Beckham around the time I was interviewing her. I still love the dress (and its sweet heart seam!) and think it looks lovely on billionairess Tamara Ecclestone, but wouldn’t it have been much cuter with different shoes?? This is an easy chic dress, so it doesn’t really make sense to pair it with sky high Louboutin Maillots (at Neiman Marcus for $1,195). Tamara, bless her heart, looks like she’s about to topple over in her Lady Daf-like height. I would’ve worn a pair of Proenza booties or studded Miu Miu moto boots to toughen the look up. Although, I will say that I finally caved and bought my first pair of Lady Dafs last week (they were free thanks to a generous gift certificate from Barneys New York!). I got them for evenings and special occasions, though – not to run out for a cup of coffee! Available on Net-a-Porter for $645.

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