Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss in Dolce & Gabbana: Power Couple

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss in Dolce & Gabbana

Good things come in pairs – like lean, leggy, fabulously successful, young blondes! We already knew that Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are well on their way to becoming besties, but who knew Taylor is so tall and supermodel-cute? Caught leaving lunch in New York City on July 14th, these two look like twins. Granted, Taylor is wearing pumps for a bit of extra height, but it’s really about their Dolce & Gabbana bags.

Karlie’s Sicily Dauphine top handle and Taylor’s Agagta shoulder bagicon are equally lovely; the Sicily speaks of daily practicality, while the Agagta is ladylike and vintage-esque. Both are interesting choices for two young girls in casual denim. It’s like they raided their glamorous grandmothers’ closets. It also just goes to show, once again: you can wear the simplest of summer outfits, like a plain tee and neutral jeans, and still look polished when your bag is on point. Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Dauphine leather bag, $1,695, on Luisa via Roma.


Photo Credits: FameFlynet Pictures

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