Textured Nail Trend: Snob or Slob?

Textured Nail Trend

I’m loving this trend! Thanks to Paintbox I’m a converted gel nail art addict, and the textured/knitwear-inspired looks that have been sweeping Instagram take it to a whole new level. While there are a few iterations, the monochrome version is my personal favorite; it’s intricate while being still tasteful, and because gel can last as long as three weeks (again, thank you, Paintbox!) it’s important to opt for a versatile look that you not only won’t get sick of but one that can coordinate with any outfit. I was curious if textured nails were a trend that experts were seeing as well (and if it was poised to be hot in 2016), so I reached out to two pros from Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer. “The sweater nail trend is a wonderful way to customize the texture of your manicure and step away from traditional high-gloss finishes,” says Morgan Haile. “Absolutely!” agrees Taylor Daniel. “Playing with texture is going to be huge in 2016. Adding simple, clean, 3D nail art, like the threading on a sweater, and topping with a matte finish is a great way to experiment while keeping the look refined and sophisticated.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is Snob or Slob? I for one am ready to go white cable knit!

Photo Credits: Elle UK

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