The Best Acrylic & PVC Bags for The Girl Who Hates See-Through Bags

There are a few trends that I flat out refuse to acknowledge: dad sneakers, anything camo, and see-through bags. While I would love to say that my purse is always filled with Instagram-worthy daily necessities, I’m going to get real and confess that in addition to my favorite wallet of all time (kate spade circa 2016) I’ve also got a lint roller, allergy medication, and airline headphones. Not exactly a collection that I want to show off.

Recently I’ve started to warm to the idea of a candy-colored acrylic bag and can even appreciate a PVC piece as an accent to a solid streetwear look, but I just can’t seem to break the habit of carrying around less-than-chic leftovers. My solution? Bags that are so beautiful no one will notice my Dayquil.


L’AFSHAR Grace Acrylic Clutch, $1,015

Valentino Rockstud Quilted PVC Shoulder Bag, $2,445


Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag , $298


Boyy Karl PVC Top Handle Bag, $825

PARISA WANG Addicted Clear Bucket Bag (available for $255)


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