The best air-dry hair products for when you’re too lazy to heat style

I love getting my hair done because it’s the best excuse to quiz the stylist about what hair products really actually are worth buying. I try a lot, but the top stylists really try a lot. So, that’s just what I did a few weeks ago when I got a pre-Catch Steak (my new favorite restaurant) blowout at Warren-Tricomi at The Plaza (ask for Andrew…he’s amazing. My hair lasted four days before I had to wash it – and that was with 3 Barry’s Bootcamp workouts). The topic I was most interested in when I went to was what to use to style my hair when I’m not heat styling because come winter my hair is almost always up in a bun and under a hat. He singled out my new favorite hair products. They’re literally all I’ve been using on my hair these last few weeks.

First, Kerastase Blond Absolu. The shampoo and conditioner are amazing, but the star is really the hair masque. I have long, thin hair that easily gets tangled – this basically makes my hair so smooth I only need one styling product when I air dry it. The key is to apply the masque onto wet hair in the shower and then brush it through hair for a good 30 seconds using a wet brush – the brush really gets the product deep into strands so that it can hydrate.

Then, once towel dried, Shu Uemura Wonder Worker Air Dry/Blow Dry feels and works amazing. I’ve gone days without washing my hair (again I do HITT workouts nearly every day) – this product leaves no residue. Not only that, it protects again environmental aggressors (everything from sun to pollution), while hydrating and preventing frizz. If you’re looking to add shine and manageability without actually heat styling (basically I’m saying if you’re lazy like me most days), this is an awesome choice.

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