The best summer beach bag snacks

We all know that sitting down with a plate of fresh veggies and lean protein is the best, but it’s not always possible. There have been so many time where I’ve been unrealistic about the time I have to cook or grocery shop and I end up face planting head first into muffins, cakes, and cookies full of added sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. All standards go out the window when you’re hungry, which is why I’ve learned to be realistic and keep healthy snacks on hand. No these snacks are not as healthy as carrot sticks, but when you’re on-the-go and looking for something as delicious as it is convenient that packs some nutritional punch, these are all great options! And they taste as good as Oreos and all the other snacks many of us are addicted to. So next time you head out for a day at the beach or day of running errands, consider warding off hunger with one of these options! 

You probably know Olly for their signature gummy vitamins – now they also have a line of protein bars. They are delicious! Note that some of them do have chocolate and aren’t that low in calories (around 200 and it’s easy to eat two), but as far as bars go this is a great option and one that will satisfy a sweet craving without gross additives and preservatives. All flavor options are high in plant-based protein, whole grains (rolled oats & quinoa), and seeds (flaxseed, chia seed & almonds – meaning they have a good amount of fiber) to keep you full till dinner.

I loooove dried fruits – they’re nature’s gummy bears! And while I’m usually into dried papaya, apricots, and mango on their own, I’ve totally fallen for Watermelon Road’s mixes. They call their blend “dried fruit jerky” and all of the blends are free of refined sugar (surprisingly not common with dried fruit), free of preservatives, and free of artificial flavors. They have four varieties: Apple Pie, Watermelon Lemonade, Pineapple Mojito, and Mango Margarita. Each option has less than a handful of ingredients think – mango, lime juice, chili powder for the Mango Margarita, but those few added ingredients make their snacks so much more satisfying than just plain dried fruit. The packaging is also killer and a great conversation starter!

Alter Eco is one of my favorite chocolate companies. They make high quality, ethically sourced products and their latest launch includes portable clusters. My fave is their Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters because of its salty-sweet mix with just six grams of sugar per serving.

I’m all about calorie portioned bags because I could easily eat six serving of chips! Hippeas makes these awesome 130 calorie bags of chickpea based crunchy snacks. Again, this shouldn’t be considered as a health food in the same way as an apple or carrots, but if you’re in the mood for something crunch and salty, this is way better than your run-of-the-mill potato chips. They’re low in sugar (many salty snacks are actually very high in sugar!), lower in salt than many other options and also pack some fiber. The spice blends make them very satisfying (even though I’m always tempted to eat more than one bag…).

Annie’s is obviously an OG in this space, but while they’re best known for their Mac ‘n Cheese they actually make a ton of amazing organic snacks for on-the-go. There are two I’m obsessed with right now:

Organic Cinnabunnies Cinnamon Cereal:  I have to pre-portion this one out because if I eat them out of the box I’ll eat the whole box! Again, this is a healthy snack relative to many alternatives, it shoudn’t be considered healthy in the same way as fresh produce are. That said this cereal is made with whole grains and chickpea flour, certified organic, and gluten-free. Plus cinnamon is great for boosting digestion (I sprinkle more cinnamon on these when I munch on them!).
Organic Sweet Snack Mixes: Both the Honey mix pictured above and the chocolate version are finger licking good and work to hit multiple cravings (I pre-portion these out too or I’d eat the whole box!). My only beef with these is that I wish they had a little more fiber to keep the net carb number down.

If you want to satisfy your ice cream or cheesecake craving with something less indulgent but equally satisfying try freezing Clio Snacks.  So delicious! The Greek yogurt bars (8-plus grams of protein) come in six flavors and are covered in dark chocolate.

ParmCrisps is a pure line of parmesan crisps – no fillers.  For example, the above flavor has nothing besides aged cheese, basil and garlic. No sugar, no carbs! I typically stay away from cheese because it’s easy to over-eat and while that still might be the case with these crips, it’s mitigated because parmesan is such a high flavor cheese. The one downside is that there’s no fiber here so ideally these work paired with some sort of fiber-rich food (fiber + protein at every meal is the best way to keep weight in check!)

It might not look like matcha, but the above bites combine roasted sesame, crispy rice, and matcha, all covered with 62% cacao fair trade chocolate. Note there is added sugar in these (so wish there wasn’t!) but they’re still infinitely better for you than a run-of-the-mill candy bar and actually taste way better.

If you’re looking for a peanut butter fix checkout Jif’s new Chewy Bars and Creamy Clusters. The ingredients list is short and tight (I do wish the second ingredient wasn’t sugar, but the first is peanuts). The fiber content could also stand to be a little higher so while this isn’t healthy per se, it’s certainly a better option to many other packaged foods (no corn syrup here) and at around $5.99 a reasonable price.
Last, but definitely not least: Plantain Flour cookies from The Real Coconut. Zika is keeping me from Tulum since I’m trying to get pregnant, but as soon as I can I’m dreaming of heading there to stay at Sanara, the hotel that houses The Real Coconut. In the meantime their amazing product line will have to suffice! After launching coconut flour tortilla chips (each flavor is better than the next – even flavors I never thought I’d like, like Golden Curry, are delicious), they’ve launched plantain flour cookies. As you’d expect the ingredients list is clean; for the above, for example, the ingredients are: Plantain Flour, Coconut Sugar, Raisins, Almond Butter, Water, Hemp Seed, Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds, Baking Soda, Cinnamon, Salt. Do note, however, they’re relatively high in carbs and low in fiber and 7 out of 11 grams of sugar (at least for the above pictured cookies) are added.
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