The best websites to resell beauty products (and buy others at a discount)

Thanks to my husband who is desperate for me to Marie Kondo my clutter I now know there are websites where you can actually sell your unused beauty products – and buy others at discount prices. Think the RealReal for beauty (versus eBay) since there’s some vetting for quality and some sites only accept specific brands. Now before you get overly excited, while the process is pretty easy (assuming you have packing materials handy),  depending on what option you opt for it will either be time consuming or you’ll find yourself really only get pennies on the dollar for what your products are worth. I tried out one of the sites (I’ll get into that more below), and in the end I decided I rather just give my friends the products I don’t want/use and make them happy rather than basically make enough money to buy myself an apple and a bottle of water or spend hours selling and dealing with buyers. That said, money is money and if you have makeup you’re never going to use laying around here – or are looking to buy beauty products from others at discounted prices – here are some options!


This is the website I used. You need to send in at least 15 full-size products (new or at least half full) and they can only be approved brands (no drugstore). Among the 15-plus items there can be makeup products and makeup tools (ie. brushes and empty palettes) along with unused makeup, skincare and perfume samples. There are a few other conditions you can read about on their site. Note they are picky about how to package the items, but I put them all in a box with some bubble paper and all was fine. Like I said, I got pennies on the dollar so I didn’t think it was worth selling, but the shipping is free (they give you a label to print out) and if you’re interested in getting credit to buy products – versus actual money – it’s a more appealing option since you’ll get a discount on already discounted products.


While Glambot is quick and straightforward, Poshmark requires a bit more work – but you’ll get more money if your products actually sell. With Glambot there’s no question, as long as you meet their requirements, you’ll get paid, but with Poshmark you list your un-used beauty products, pick a price and you get to keep that amount minus a 20 percent commission. Note besides used products, all liquids are also prohibited. On the plus side, there is no minimum and you can sell any brand. Like I said, however, there’s no guarantee the work will pay off and while you can list items for free, you’ll likely need to communicate with potential buyers who will ask to negotiate on price…don’t forget, time is money too!



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