The Glam Guide To Ibiza

I’m obsessed with Ibiza! And a big part of that is thanks to the Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel (the above is an image of the spacious outside space in one of the rooms). Most of my friends were shocked when I said I was going to Ibiza since I’m more of a wellness freak than a party animal, but Ibiza is wellness obsessed!

Our room had a welcome bag along with fruit and champagne – very useful given that we lost our luggage 

In fact, the Nobu has a healthy eatery, Celicioso Ibiza Bay, in their lobby and I saw people running and using the gym every morning. Ibiza is also surprisingly family-friendly. There were a ton of young couples with children – there’s a kids club and a separate pool for families so they won’t “bother” you. While I left the hotel, you easily could spend your whole vacation without doing so. The food is amazing. The breakfast (pictured below) was my favorite, but the pool snacks and of course Nobu are top notch. I lost my luggage on the way to Ibiza (I hate you Vueling!!!) we were also delayed five hours, but the staff is so friendly I almost forgot it (the concierge followed up with the airline every two hours till we finally – after more than 24 hours – got our luggage). Unlike many other places, the prices are also fair at Nobu – I’m looking at you Heart Ibiza where I paid 9 euros for a SMALL water.

Breakfast – yes I ate cookies and no I did not end up eating the carrots  

To get into town and to most other beach clubs, nightclubs, restaurants etc. it’s a 10-35 minute drive pretty much no matter where you end up staying. I was in Ibiza in June so traffic wasn’t bad. I would highly recommend going at this time! July and August the traffic is a nightmare and you can easily spend hundreds of euros a day on cabs.

If there’s only one place you go out, make it Ushuaia. What an amazing atmosphere! I went for the opening David Guetta party. There were a ton of people, but it was all very well organized and I never felt unsafe or claustrophobic. Entry was also super fast (no long lines). Given that I’m not a night owl I also loved that it was a “day” party so it started at 5pm and finished around midnight (it needs to finish “early” because it’s outdoors). I had planned to hit up Amnesia while there – I heard it an amazing club (my father remembered going 40 years ago!) but I was told by locals not to get there before 2am and the thought of staying up till 2am well, let’s just say, it was not going to happen. Instead my husband and I had an amazing dinner at Nobu and roamed around Ibiza’s town (shops are open relatively late).

If you’re staying at a hotel that doesn’t have a nice pool/beach area or are just looking for a change of scenery head to the iconic Nikki Beach Ibiza, get a day bed and enjoy a frozen drink and fruit platter. It’s a fun, relaxing way to spend the day. I mistakingly thought there would be a party atmosphere every day, but the day we went – a Monday – it was pretty quiet (this should be different in July/August however).

On a side note, I’m moving into a new apartment soon and was seriously inspired by the Nobu decor, so I thought I would share it for some design inspo!

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