The Greatest It Bags of All Time: It All Started with a Fendi…

The Greatest It Bags of All Time

It bags are not iconic in the classic sense. Some may stick around like the perennial favorite Birkin, but others come and go as trends do. Even the term “it” bag is relatively new. The phrase was first coined in the ‘90s when we gasped at the sight of Carrie Bradshaw toting a Fendi Baguette, cigarette unapologetically in hand. Did she make the Baguette cool, or did Fendi make Carrie cool? I’m going to say it started with Carrie. She could have sold out the silliest Judith Leiber banana clutch with her stamp of approval.

Thanks to the character’s vast collection overwhelming our TV screens with each episode, rarely a week went by when we weren’t clamoring for the next big thing. It changed the way women shopped, turning us from investment bag seekers to trend-obsessed. Just look at the other ‘90s must-have – Prada’s nylon backpack. I wore mine with gold chains all throughout my time at USC. Never to carry a book…quelle horreur! I held my textbooks in hand. Sometimes an it bag’s job is just to look pretty!

Check out each decade’s most popular bags after the jump and our own personal selections on eBay, then create your own collection to help raise money for March of Dimes and possibly win $5K to spend on the site. Let us know which it bags top your list!

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